Advance Pilates Training Program

Be capable to conducting highly personalized Pilates sessions that accommodate clients with specific requirements.

Advance Mat Pilates Training Program

This aspect of the program emphasizes exercises that utilize one’s body weight as resistance. Students will also incorporate various props to add variety and complexity to their movements. By the end of the program, graduates are equipped with a comprehensive repertoire of movements that they can use to craft engaging and diverse Pilates classes. This variety ensures that classes remain stimulating and enjoyable for clients, preventing boredom and enhancing the overall class experience.

Advance Reformer Pilates Training Program

Here, students will work with specialized Pilates reformer machines to enhance the precision of their movements. The reformer provides a platform for controlled and low-impact exercises, reducing the risk of injury. This program places a particular emphasis on group reformer Pilates classes, preparing graduates to lead sessions that cater to multiple clients simultaneously.

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