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Japan Conditioning Academy (JCA) is a leading provider of Pilates Instructor Training in Indonesia. Our Pilates Philosophy is Shin Gi Tai Pilates and our Pilates Method are designed by a Japanese Pilates Master Trainer and customized to meet Indonesia’s needs becoming a Pilates Instructor. 

By assisting Indonesian individuals in becoming Japan’s qualified Pilates instructors, We aim to create meaningful and positive changes in people’s lives.

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Why JCA Pilates Program ?

Japan Conditioning Academy (JCA) is believed that people needs a place for them to make their life better and In Japan lot of people make their life better because switch their career becoming Pilates Instructor.

Seeing opportunity in Indonesia that Pilates can growth bigger than Japan thats why we want to help Indonesia can make their life better also in becoming Pilates Instructor.


Here 5 Reason why JCA is the right place for you :

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Positive Results
Happy Students
Positive Reviews

“I will make No. 1 JCA to be Body Conditioning Academy in Indonesia and make sure everyone get the best training!.”

Seiji Yamaoka

This Program is Recommended for Those :

JCA pilates master trainer

Konnichiwa, I'm

Oiwa Toshiki

I’m the JCA Pilates Master Trainer and Founder of Shin Gi Tai Pilates. I believe in pilates is not all about perfection of technique but it is all about harmonizing between our mind, techniques, and also our body.

I have 15 years of pilates professional experience and PHI Certified Master Trainer in Japan. I also have professional contract with many Japanese Athletes and big companies in Japan such as Disney Japan and ANA Airways.

I will help you becoming Japan’s Standard Pilates Instructor and get your dreamlife.

Can’t wait to see you guys and share my knowledge !

JCA Pilates Training Program

Our Pilates Philosophy is
Shin Gi Tai (心技体) Pilates.
“Pilates with harmonization of MindTechnique, & Physique

Mat Pilates Program

Instructor License

Reformer Pilates Program

Instructor License

upcoming Program

Transform your passion for Pilates into a career with our Japan Basic Pilates Course!

Join us on May and June 2023, to learn Shin Gi Tai Pilates in Basic Mat & Reformer Pilates with Japanese Certified Pilates Master Trainer Oiwa Toshiki.

You can buy our training program seperately or get more benefit with bundling package.

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Here is more information that help you to more understand about us.

“Japan Conditioning Academy is the premier training center for those seeking to become expert Conditioning instructors. Our programs encompass everything related to posture improvement, including Pilates and Stretching as subcategories of Conditioning.”

At Japan Conditioning Academy, the Pilates Program is more than just learning Pilates. The program also focuses on teaching Japan’s Instructor Hospitality to develop exceptional instructors with high hospitality skills for client satisfaction. In addition, our alumni receive knowledge support through our Furusato Club (Alumni Club) and access to job opportunities at our Pilates studio.

While a yoga certification typically requires 200 hours of attendance, most of which cover history, philosophy, and other topics that may be difficult to apply directly to practice. At Japan Conditioning Academy, our Pilates certification provides a direct link to practice and offers a comprehensive course that can be completed in as little as 4 days of classes and 60 Hour practical training. Our program offers fulfilling and practical skills to help you become a qualified and confident Pilates instructor in no time.

At JC Academy, we offer Pilates programs tailored to fit the level and abilities of each individual, from basic to advanced levels. Our basic program is specifically designed for beginners or those who have no prior experience with Pilates. We will guide you through the fundamentals and empower you to perform Pilates exercises independently.

First, you must take JCA Basic Mat & Basic Reformer Pilates Training Program. After that, you must take Roleplay & Observation in 60 Hours. 
To get JCA Basic Pilates Instructor you must passed JCA Pilates Examination that will conduct by Master Trainer Oiwa Toshiki.

There is no specific age limit. What is needed is to be in good health and able to perform Pilates exercises. In Japan, there are many elderly people who become Pilates instructors.


What People Say

In this 2023 we already did 2 Big Events, JCA 2023 Conference and First Batch of Basic Pilates Training Program and here their love voice :
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“The impression from attending the JCA Conference 2023, I learned more about STRETCHING and my MAT PILATES also got LEVEL UP more because the master trainer teaching us using a foam roller as a VARIATION of MAT PILATES. It felt so amazing and my body getting much better, also the effect is felt right away. For those who want learn more about Pilates, JCA is very suitable for you.”
JCA Conference 2023
“After taking the workshop class at JCA, I had many changes in my WAY OF THINKING, one of which is about the differences between pilates and yoga. The knowledge that I get from the workshop is also very USEFUL for me as a personal trainer, because at JCA I also learned about BODY MOVEMENT PERFORMANCE”
As a personal trainer, I learned a lot in these 2 days of training, and it feels AMAZING! Also, I am very grateful that I joined this program in batch 1. Thanks to Master Trainer Oiwa Toshiki, I deeply understand mat pilates, and all of my questions were clearly answered by the Master Trainer. Thank you, JCA!
Andhara Yanoe
Basic mat pilates March Program
In these 2 days, I have learned a lot about Mat Pilates! The Master Trainer, Mr. Oiwa, is very humble and teaches us the small details of Mat Pilates so I can understand how to fix our posture with Mat Pilates. The JCA Training Program is WORTH IT!
Basic mat pilates March Program


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