Our Story

The Japan Conditioning Academy (JCA) is a fitness teacher training center using high quality fitness standards from Japan with the aim of advancing the world of health in Indonesia, especially in the fitness sector. JCA provides a place for everyone who wants to become a professional and high-quality personal trainer.

With increasing public awareness about health and exercise, especially in the world of fitness, we support this by providing training for prospective fitness instructors who are professional according to Japanese standards.

In addition, we also support every development by providing gradual classes so that our graduates can continue to improve their teaching skills in terms of soft skills and hard skills. We consistently provide modern, high-quality, continuous training modules and systems according to the needs of the community.

Vission & Mission


Indonesia’s No. 1 fitness business comprehensive company


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Core Value

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JC Academy's Personal Trainer

Meet Our
JCA Master Trainer

Oiwa Toshiki


Starting from the injury he suffered and forcing him to give up on his favorite sport, Oiwa Toshiki tried to heal his injury with medical care and hospital but no one was able to find out the cause and solution to what he was experiencing. Until finally, after 7- 8 years, he discovered Pilates and he was very impressed with the changes that occurred in his body after trying Pilates and now he is currently a Pilates trainer.

Here in Indonesia Oiwa Toshiki wants to spread the value and benefits of Pilates more widely. He took a Pilates course without having tried it first. Therefore, he also wanted to convey this at Japan Conditioning Academy, anyone with any background can become a Pilates instructor.

Currently, he has several certified PHI Pilates Master Trainers, Reformer Training Course Lecturers, Chair training course instructors, Instructors of props training courses, Mat Training Course Instructors, Acupuncture,   massage, shiatsu, etc.

Finally, he said that “Pilates is a wonderful method that has the potential for future medical treatment and treatment that is completely different from medical and passive treatment”. Please take a successful experience to overcome the problems and problems of the body.

JC Academy's Personal Trainer

Meet Our Personal Trainer

Nunokawa Shinichi

Seiji Yamaoka has been in the fitness industry for 30 years and started his Pilates Yoga chain in 2008. Yamaoka believes that the practice of exercise someone’s life, a healthy lifestyle and bring a quality life to those who seriously embrace it. Formerly a professional swimmer, he graduated with an MBA in Business from Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School. Yamaoka has more than 14 years of Pilates teaching experience, especially in the Kaizen Pilates method.

In 2011, he developed Pilates Yoga specialty store chain development (Introduction of franchise system) and he successfully developed more than 15 studios in Tokyo, Japan. He believes that anyone can bring the values and benefits of Pilates to everyone. Therefore, he created a study module for that can be studied by people who have not even known Pilates before. With this module, 60% of the instructors in the Pilates studio he develops are non-fitness basic.

Currently, Seiji Yamaoka wants to bring the benefits and value of Kaizen Pilates which has been developed in Japan to Indonesian people. In 5 years he wants to build 50 Pilates studios in Indonesia to make everyone in Indonesia feel the benefits of Pilates more widely.

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