AddElm Animal Leggings – Black



Animal print leggings with a mature and calm impression.


animal leggings
Animal print leggings with a mature and calm impression.
The fine dot-like print is a design that is easy for adult women to wear.
The line on the side makes it a focal point for your outfit.
It gives you the pleasure of choosing different animal patterns in beige and black.
We also recommend pairing it with an animal bra top made of the same material.

AddElm effectBy

distributing the burden on the muscles throughout the body and reducing the burden on some muscles, the balance of the trunk is improved.

In addition, it is expected that expiratory metabolism will increase and fat burning will be performed efficiently, and the active area of ​​muscles will expand, resulting in higher training effects.

Concentration sustaining effect is also seen, and the decline in concentration tends to be milder than usual.

: Stretch material that holds the body firmly with high resilience ,
cooling sensation
, UV protection ,
, water absorption
and quick drying, chlorine test passed, can be worn as a


 Outer material: 82% polyester, 18% polyurethane

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Beige, Black


S, M

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