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Feature 1 “EVA x rubber hybrid”

EVA material (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) x rubber hybrid material.

EVA material is stronger than PVC material (polyvinyl chloride) and TPE material, and is water resistant and lightweight. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly all-purpose material that does not emit harmful substances when burned.

Rubber is further blended into this EVA material to further evolve EVA and improve durability, cushioning, and flexibility.

Feature 2 “Evolved version of air rubber created by Japan in the world” 

The strongest and most flexible material in the “Air Rubber Series” developed by buntaro (a manufacturer of insole materials for 70 years since its founding in 1948), which has been developed as a rubber for walking and has been supporting people’s feet for many years, is also used for yoga mats. evolution.

A material that feels like it gently envelops the human body and feels smooth. Also, as the name suggests, it has a lot of air bubbles and is super lightweight like air.

This technology was born in Kobe, Japan, and is a material filled with Japanese technology that has not yet been reproduced in the world.

Feature 3 “Low rebound x high rebound”
A material with two contradictory characteristics, low resilience and high resilience. When you step on the mat, it is “low resilience” and when you leave it, it is “high resilience” to firmly support the movement of your body when exercising on the mat.

Feature 4 “Hygienic material that does not allow water to penetrate”

The biggest feature of the mat is that each one is made up of independent air bubbles, so it is a highly hygienic material that prevents water from penetrating and prevents the growth of bacteria such as mold. In addition, it is a versatile material that prevents water penetration and minimizes slippage due to sweat with fine bubbles on the surface.

Feature 5 “Mochi-like texture and high grip”

Due to the blend of many fine air bubbles and rubber on the surface, there is no unevenness to prevent slipping on the common yoga mat, and it has a comfortable texture like “mochi” and fine air bubbles on multiple sides, so there are many friction surfaces and high grip. Realize power.

Supports hard poses with a versatile grip

Feature 6 “Recovery of body functions”
A physical therapist was also involved in the development of this mat, and material development focused on how people use their feet.
By adjusting the grip of the mat and the low rebound, it is designed to naturally work the toes (toes) that humans often use for “stepping”.
The movement of the toes, which modern people are losing, is actually very important.
Also, by using your toes, you can recover from fatigue, improve blood flow, and balance the health of your entire body.
The biggest feature is that the body recognizes the movement of the toes that is being lost by continuing to use the mat, improves the accuracy of yoga and other automatic exercises, and recovers the whole body continuously. It will keep you healthy.
Feature 7 “Upcycling to circulate things”
As an initiative not to throw away things in vain, we collect unused mats and pulverize them into small pieces and recycle them into beads such as cushions. We also harden pulverized resources into plates and use them as new materials that can be used for chairs, shelves, etc. I will continue.

Materials provided Joint production company

For the future of materials Japan’s proud rubber brand “buntaro®”

Developed for yoga and fitness, using rubber filled with Japanese technology

A new sensation yoga mat was born.

Material EVA x Synthetic rubber

Size 180cm×66cm

5mm thick

Weight 1.1kg

*This mat uses rubber. You may feel the peculiar smell of rubber material.

In order to reduce the smell, we also spread it out for several days before shipping to deodorize it before
delivery, but if the smell is still bothering you,

By spreading it outside and drying it, it will fade over time.

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