Speaker Profile: Shinici Nunokawa (Conditioning Trainer)

After working as an employee in a Japanese fitness club for 8 years, he decided to become an independent personal trainer in 2010.

The reason of he interested in body conditioning because he felt uncomfortable with the fact that there were many people didn’t get good result in exercise after got injuries or after suffering from injuries.  From that reason, he learned more deeply and learning the impotance of body conditioning to the result of exercising.

In July 2014, He opened his own studio specializing in posture improvement named Be-Style in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture. Two months after opening the studio, it got good enthusiast from everyone and impossible to make any reservation. So, he launched the academy business for staff recruitment and training.

Since 2016, he built two studios in Osaka and helping more than 25.000 people to improve their posture and performance. Now, he supports professional athletes and executives in Tokyo.

He already published a book about beautiful posture habits and got ranked 8th by categori in Amazon. Also become the trainer of the year in 2016 by Judge’s Special Award.

Now, he ready to expand and share his knowledge and experience about body conditioning in Indonesia in the Japan Conditioning Academy First Conference 2023. Don’t lose the opportunity!

Japan Conditioning Academy

Japan Conditioning Academy

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