Certified Pilates Program

Your dream of becoming an pilates instructor is just one step away.

(心技体 ピラティス)

Created by our Master Pilates Trainer from Japan, our method follows the principles of 心技体 (Shin・Gi・Tai) Pilates, which emphasizes the synchronization of mind, technique, and physique while doing pilates. Now JC Academy have 2 Level of pilates program:

The JCA Basic Pilates Training Program is an entry-level course that introduces students to the world of Pilates. Offering an accessible path to becoming a skilled group class Pilates instructor, even if you have zero prior experience in Pilates or fitness.


This program comprises two essential components: Basic Mat Pilates and Basic Reformer Pilates.

The JCA Advanced Pilates Training Program is designed for those who have completed the basic program and wish to take their Pilates instruction skills to the next level. This program builds upon the foundation laid in the basic program and focuses on advanced techniques, rehabilitation, and personalized client care.


This program comprises two essential components: Advance Mat Pilates and Advance Reformer Pilates.

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